Kielo Translations


Translation and language services

Kielo Translations is a Finnish language and translation service provider. Kielo Translations offers high-quality and accurate translations from English, German and Swedish to Finnish, proofreading and editing of Finnish texts and content creation in Finnish. Our service offering includes general and specialized translations with a focus on technology, marketing, turism and SEO. Kielo Translations also provides localization services to meet the demands of the digital age: software, mobile apps and websites are professionally localized for the Finnish target audience.
Examples of translated material:

  • - User guides, installation and maintenance manuals
  • - Safety data sheets
  • - Software and mobile app UIs
  • - Websites, webshops and product descriptions
  • - Marketing materials, brochures and press releases
  • - Search engine optimized texts

Why choose Kielo Translations?

Kielo Translations is a customer- and service-oriented translation company. We place high value on quality, customer satisfaction, on-time deliveries and establishing long-term relationships with customers. Kielo Translations uses Computer-Assisted Translation tools (CAT tools) to ensure an always consistent style, terminology and quality of the translations. All translations are done by a native Finnish speaker, who is familiar with the different nuances of the Finnish language as well as the cultural conventions of the target market.

Service descriptions


Language pairs

  • English - Finnish
  • German - Finnish
  • Swedish - Finnish

Specialized translations

  • Technical Translations
  • Marketing Translations
  • Travel & Tourism Translations
  • Website Localization
  • Software Localization
  • Mobile App Localization
  • SEO Translations

Language Services

  • Bilingual proofreading or editing of translations English to Finnish, German to Finnish and Swedish to Finnish
  • Monolingual proofreading or editing of Finnish texts
  • Proofreading includes checking for correct grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Editing includes checking for correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and terminology as well as improving sentence structures and fluency of the text

Finnish Content Creation

  • Search enginge optimized (SEO) content creation
  • Keyword Research